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As Long As The Utah Jazz Don’t Have Any Asians On Their Team This Should Go Off Just Fine


The Utah Jazz will play Real Madrid in an exhibition match in Spain on October 8th at the Palacio de Deportes arena in Madrid.

For all of  you non-Spanish-speaking readers out there, Palacio de Deportes means “Deportation Pallet” in English, which makes little to no sense to me at all. I guess they must have something to do with a method of transporting immigrants in preparation for shipment.

Now, I should point out that the above photo is of the Spanish National Olympic basketball team making inappropriate, racist gestures relating to the Olympic Games in Beijing last summer that appeared in Spanish newspapers and not the Real Madrid roster. But you know what they say, “all Spanish people are exactly alike in every single way.” I believe I read that in Don Quixote, or it might have possibly been in Irresponsible Overgeneralizations About Europeans For Use In Everyday Conversation. It was one of the two for sure.

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