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While It Is True That Some Ted Williams Memorabilia Has Been Stolen, We Don’t Need To Lose Our Heads About It


Joyce Dopkeen/The New York Times

Ha! Get it? Don’t lose our heads! You know – because Ted Williams’ head was cryogenically frozen? Not working for ya? Fine.

Anyway, apparently some of Ted Williams’ personal belonging were stolen from an auction house in New Hampshire. Among the items ripped off was Ted’s old fishing license and some personal notes.

Auctioneer John Pappas tells the New Hampshire Sunday News the stolen items had drawn strong interest and could have fetched $1,000 or more at Saturday’s auction. The 1970 license for “Theodore Williams” was in a small holder attached to a fishing cap, and the notes were tucked inside. The items were taken from the Knotty Pine Auction Service last week.

Williams, the last Major Leaguer to hit .400 over an entire season, has been dead since 2002 and his third wife, Dolores Wettach, is the person producing the items for auction.

I don’t know, Williams was great and all, but I think his credibility and mystique went downhill after he married Marilyn Monroe and died after that terrible battle with Yogi Berra’s Disease.

Where do I find my information, you ask? The internet, of course. You can find some pretty crazy stuff about people on the internet – and all of it is true.

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