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The Morning Bowl (June 1st): The Executions Will Be Televised


• Well, not technically televised, but The Rookies are keeping track of the banned and de-starred Deadspin commenters during the Great Purge of 2009. [The Rookies]

• Larry King sings “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” at Wrigley Field. Unfortunately, he lived through it. [Walkoff Walk]

• Excellent breakdown of the 25-inning Boston College-Texas baseball game marathon. [Sharapova’s Thigh]

• “A Day in the Life of Joe Mauer” Awesome. No mention of me hanging out in his backyard. Security fences are for suckers. [Style Points]

• The hypocrisy that is the National Hockey League when it comes to protecting its star players. Seriously, what a bunch of asshats. [Puck Daddy]

• Crazy story about two golfers who hit back-to-back hole-in-ones. [Devil Ball Golf]