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Ben Wallace Mulling Over Retirement

troll-doll Fresh off the stinging Finals loss to the Orlando Magic, Cleveland Cavaliers center Ben Wallace, pictured at left in an S.O.B. stock photo from 2004, is considering hanging it up and ending his 12-year NBA career, citing injuries, including a broken leg and tendinitis this season:

“I’ve got to sit down and talk with my family and see what I feel,” Wallace said. “It isn’t getting any easier for me. It is tough going out there every night with something hurting and not being able to give the effort you want to give. I love the game and respect the game too much to be going out there half-hearted.”

Here’s wishing the best of luck to Ben Wallace as he decides whether he wants to be paid $14 million to play next season or declining the hefty paycheck and walking away from the game.

Man, I wish I had problems like that instead of having to decide what flavor of ramen I’m going to eat for lunch.

Chicken? Yeah. Chicken sounds good. But it better be Maruchan, because I like to taste my ramen, you understand?

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