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Sports Talk Radio Host At Vikings Flagship Station Has Had Enough Of Brett Favre Drama, Starts Online Petition


Cory Cove, a/k/a Sludge and co-host of “The Power Trip Morning Show” (along with former Minnesota Vikings long-snapper Mike Morris), the morning drive-time show on AM 1130 KFAN in the Twin Cities, is sick and tired of being sick and tired of the will he/won’t he drama regarding Brett Favre’s courtship of the Minnesota Vikings, and he’s not going to take it anymore. Cove has taken it to the streets and started an online petition imploring all Minnesotans to sign it to let the Vikings know that they do not want Brett Favre in a Vikings uniform.

For over 17 years, Brett Favre has been the symbol of derision for Minnesota Vikings fans. However, recent reports suggest the aging quarterback may join the team he opposed for most of his career.

For many in the Land of Lakes, this plan is unacceptable. Why should Vikings fans cheer for the very person they hated for so long, even if he does wear Viking purple?

Here’s your chance to be heard! Sign this petition if you would like the Vikings to avoid signing aging quarterback Brett Favre.

Although I guess technically this petition should only be for Vikings fans, it is my opinion that everyone suffers every time a new Brett Favre “update” pollutes the airwaves and websites, so let’s get this number up over Cove’s goal of 100,000 signatures (it’s currently at 75, so there’s plenty of work left to be done). Let democracy do what its intended to do: not make one lick of difference yet let people know how much we can’t stand them!

ONLINE PETITIONS! FUCK YEAH!! Weed is a huge fan of grassroots movements. Heh. Grass.

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