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If Manny Is Voted In To Play In The All-Star Game, Dodgers Owner Would Have No Problem With It


Lori Shepler/Los Angeles Times

You have got to be kidding me, right? Is Frank McCourt insane or did he recently bump his head while counting his bricks of gold? It simply does not make any sense – why would the owner of the Dodgers want all that publicity for his team at a nationally-televised event that millions upon millions of people watch? When asked what his thoughts were regarding the possibility of Manny Ramirez appearing in the All-Star Game, the Dodgers owner had this to say:

“Do I want to see him? Sure, if he gets voted in. It’d be a great honor.”

McCourt said that ultimately whether Ramirez is voted in or not is completely up to the fans and their misguided and frequently incorrect opinions on who should and who should not be in the All-Star Game. When told where Manny was in the voting, McCourt said:

“The fans are going to make up their own minds about this. I think fans think for themselves and they’re entitled to do that.”

The same way fans are entitled to show up at Dodgers games in the 4th inning, as long as they paid full price for their tickets, right Frank?

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