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The Morning Bowl (May 28th): Erin Andrews Something Dancing Something – Did I Mention Erin Andrews


• Erin Andrews would like to be on Dancing With the Stars. Huh. She never responded to my inquiry about whether she would like to be on my cable access show, Diddling With My White Dwarf. [The Sporting Blog]

• Video of a fan giving the ref the double-middle finger during last night’s Blackhawks-Red Wings game. [Total Pro Sports]

• A bunch of bloggers were invited to watch an Orioles game at Camden Yards from a luxury box. Were Bagel Bites provided? All I’m saying is there better have been Bagel Bites up in that luxury box. [Can’t Stop The Bleeding]

• Wysh provides his thoughts on the whole Stanley Cup Finals scheduling hoopla. [Puck Daddy]

• Upstart blog The Rookies already have an ombudsman. They’re going places, baby! [The Rookies]