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Carlos Zambrano Is A Perfectly Well-Adjusted Individual



Carlos Zambrano was ejected and will likely be suspended due to his antics during the Cubs’ 5-2 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates yesterday. When home plate umpire Mark Carlson called Pittsburgh’s Nyjer Morgan safe on a close play after a wild pitch that got away from catcher Geovany Soto allowed Morgan to slide safely into home, Zambrano went ballistic, eventually bumping Carlson with his shoulder. But it didn’t end there. He threw a ball into left field, slammed his glove and gave the drink dispenser in the dugout a severe beatdown.

Allow Carlos to attempt to apologize for his actions, that crazy bastard:

“I apologize to him. Like I say, after he kicked me out, I should have gone to the clubhouse and kept watching the game. I apologize to throw the ball and do other things.”

Indeed, Carlos, indeed. Later, Zambrano admitted he had a short fuse yesterday because “Lou Pinella – he once borrow Carlos’ soap and no give it back”

Video of the incident after the jump until MLB forces it to be taken down. They’re always ruining our fun.

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