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&#161Hay Caramba! White Sox Shortstop Sued For $20 Million In Dominican Republic


Alexei Ramirez has been sued for $20 million for allegedly violating a contract he signed with Dominican talent scouts prior to him signing a major league contract.

In documents presented to the prosecutors office in the Peravia judicial district — located 40 miles southeast of the Dominican capital — Ramirez and his agent Jaime Torres are accused of owing Julio Martinez and Ramon Fernandez $450,000 from a signing bonus.

The plaintiffs are also asking for an additional $131,156, which represents 5 percent of Ramirez’s income from two years in the majors, the documents say.

The $20 million claim is for damages and violating the contract.

So, they’re asking for $19.5 million in damages? That doesn’t seem excessive at all. They must have retained the same attorney Billy Gillispie is using.

Attempts to reach Ramirez’s attorney, Jesus Mercedes, were unsuccessful.

Now that’s a name you can hang your hat on – not like my fucking loser of an attorney, Vishnu LeCar – no good lazy bastard – he stalls every time I call him and ask how my case is going. I don’t care, with or without Mr. LeCar, I’m going to get that Shamwow cocksucker if it’s the last thing I do.

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