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When Did Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress Shave His Mustache, Buy A Toupee And Join The Scottish Curling Team?


Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press

It was confirmed that this was in fact Brad Childress when after the match, he claimed that Team Scotland had “kick-ass sweepers.”

I’m not kidding – the resemblance is uncanny. If that guy was holding a laminated playsheet in front of his face, he could use Childress’ 10% off frequent customer card at Sex World.

Seriously though, best of luck to Team Scotland at the upcoming The Masters of Curling. What I find most impressive is that the second guy from the left competed even though he’s in the latter stages of his chemotherapy treatments (note: even I felt a twinge of guilt about that one).

If you are curious if any similarities exist between these Masters and The Masters held at Augusta National, you will happy to know that Chris Berman isn’t allowed to attend either of them.

Masters field has that Olympic feeling [CTV Olympics]