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Wait, Wouldn’t This Irreparably Damage The Pristine Image Of The MLB All-Star Game?

manny-grillIf I’ve learned one thing in life, it’s you don’t mess with perfection. So why is this Jason Rosenberg fellow pulling a stunt like this?

You see, 39-year-old Rosenberg has launched a site, Vote For Manny on Blogspot, which sole purpose is to get people to vote Manny Ramirez into this summer’s All-Star Game – because he was suspended for performance-enhancing drugs! Get it. Hardeeharharhar!!

“I said it would be funny if Manny got elected, because he’s coming off a suspension on July 3 and the All-Star game is a week later, so they don’t even have that sort of built-in protection. So I got home, and just quickly threw a Web site together.”

That Rosenberg is one sly fox. Imagine if he applied that sort of ingenuity and effort to his real life – he would be moving out of his mom’s garage in no time.

The All-Star Game is a joke anyway. Any timeĀ  fans are allowed to vote, shit gets messed up. You just can’t trust fans to make rational decisions – their loyalties prevent them from being objective (that’s why I have already voted for Nick Punto for shortstop 1,986 times).

I guess we should hope Manny makes the All-Star Game – anything that makes Bud Selig squirm is alright with me. Except thinking about how he much he enjoys having 13-year-old Haiitian prostitutes suck on his toes until he wiggles with delight. I’m sorry, but that is not okay with me.

You have to draw the line somewhere, people. Like when it’s finally necessary to to call a tie in a baseball game – that takes true leadership.

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