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Stuff To Tune In To And Zone Out On For May 27th


NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Game 5, Western Conference Finals, Chicago Blackhawks at Detroit Red Wings. It’s win or go home time for Chicago. From what I understand, if the Red Wings win, not only will we be treated to a rematch of last year’s Stanley Cup Finals, but there will also be no hockey on until mid-June. [Versus, 7:30 ET]

NBA Playoffs. Game 5, Western Conference Finals, Denver Nuggets at Los Angeles Lakers. If the Nuggets can somehow manage to win tonight and ultimately win the series, taking into account that the Magic may move on as well, David Stern’s head might actually explode – and that’s something we can all get behind, correct? [ESPN, 9:00 ET]

MLB Baseball. New York Yankees at Texas Rangers. Hooray! A New York team! Watch A-Rod get booed lustily or watch A-Rod lustily leer at Jeter. Or both. It’s your call. [ESPN2, 8:00 ET]

What to watch while you yell at your wife and beat your dog. George Strait: ACM Artist of the Decade All Star Concert. That took me longer to type than I would ever spend watching this crap. In fact, the only way someone could get me to watch this is if they placed me in front of a television with a straitjacket on. Zing! [ABC, 8:00 ET]

Sweet Jesus, when isn’t this movie on? The Notebook. I wish I had Alzheimer’s like the lady in the movie so I could forget about this movie. Wait, did she have Alzheimer’s or was she just a total pothead? I can’t remember. [Oxygen, 9:15 ET]