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Ladies and Gentlemen, Allow Me To Present To You The Face Of The NHL


(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Holy crap. Slap a Tesla shirt and a No Fear baseball cap on Crosby and we would have ourselves the ringleader of the guys that hung out in the Auto Shop at my high school.

♪♪ Love will find a waaaaaaaaayyyy, darlin’, love is gonna find a way ♪♪

Oooh, just had a bit of the douche chills from that recollection.

Anyway, Sid the Kid is back in the Stanley Cup Finals for the second consecutive season on account of Pittsburgh’s sweep of Carolina in the Eastern Conference Finals, just as the NHL always intended. It’s great when things go according to plan. I don’t know if it was the wisest choice for Crosby to touch the Prince of Wales trophy, but I’m sure the NHL will ensure no bad luck comes Sid’s way.

And what’s up with Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly? He looks like the unholy union of the genetic codes of  Uncle Fester, George C. Scott and Michael Chiklis, which if you were to ask my opinion (which no one ever does), is not a good combination. Take that along with the fact that he has to take orders from Gary Bettman and you wonder how this guy gets up in the morning.