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Jeez, You Get Tasered By Cops And Then Arrested For A Bar Brawl And Now Everyone Wants You To Go To Jail

jayson-williamsProsecutors are now requesting a judge to sentence Jayson Williams for his involvement in the alleged cover up of the death of his driver in 2002. This comes on the heels of Williams having to be tasered by police after he began acting suicidal and violent as well as his arrest over the weekend in connection with a fight at a bar. Said Hunterdon County Attorney Assistant Prosecutor Bennett Barlyn in motion papers:

“Defendant’s escalating acts of unlawful and aberrant behavior must incur consequences that he has thus far evaded as the clear result of never having been sentenced on his convictions.”

Personally, I see no connection between his recent erratic behavior and his manslaughter case, which is currently scheduled for retrial in…

…January? What the shit? Man, it sure does pay to be rich when involved in the legal system in this country.

Batshit crazy, on the other hand? Not so much. Foolishly trying to cover up someone dying through completely moronic methods doesn’t help much either:

According to witnesses, 55-year-old Costas Christofi was killed when Williams took a loaded 12-gauge shotgun from a cabinet in his bedroom in front of several people and cracked it open, then snapped it closed. The gun fired once, hitting Christofi in the chest.

Witnesses testified that Williams wiped down the shotgun and placed it in the victim’s hands, then stripped off his own clothes and jumped into his pool.

I don’t see the big deal about him jumping in the pool afterward. I have never heard that you have to wait 30 minutes after shooting someone before going swimming.

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