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It’s 4:19, You Gotta Minute? (May 27th)


• The ESPN Nation polls are getting even dumber, if that’s possible. [The Big Lead]

•  Video game nerds rejoice! The Madden NFL 10 player ratings have been released! [First Cuts]

• Remember that moron who apparently fell into the bunker during Tiger’s and Phil’s Sunday round at Augusta? Yeah, it was planned and he’s a douchebag. [Devil Ball Golf]

• Brian Baldinger is dead! Okay, he’s not dead, but he’s being replaced on NFL on Fox broadcasts by John Lynch. Question: how much does John Lynch stutter? [Awful Announcing]

• A list of things Jose Canseco sucks at – why did they stop at only 14? [Style Points]

• In between blogging and getting violated via anal penetration, the incarcerated Maurice Clarett longs to play football again. [Shutdown Corner]