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The Morning Bowl (May 22nd): Crap, And Here I Just Allowed My Robot Insurance From Old Glory To Lapse


• Soccer-playing robots? Only in America! Oh, this story is about scientists from the University of Chile? Let me get this straight – they have a university dedicated to spicy meat stews? Then why are they working on robots there? This is all very confusing. [With Leather]

• Dash provides us with a closer look at Michael Strahan’s new sitcom. Did he get hazard pay for that? [Deadspin]

• Presenting the Top 25 Deadspin commenters. No, this link is not self-serving at all. Nope. Not a bit. [Style Points]

• The Top 10 Depressingly Cheap Baseball Cards. Do you know what’s really depressing? Trading your Prozac for baseball cards. In fact, that’s why the Sklar brothers turned out the way they did. Don’t ask me how I came up with Sklar Brothers. [Joe Sports Fan]

Devil Ball Golf (via Unsilent Majority’s Twitter) posted this photo and made fun of it, which I’m not following. Sure, the rock is in an odd location, but is it that big of a deal? Hey, just because you know and I don’t doesn’t give you the right to be cocky.