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Police Search For Member of 1956 Olympic Basketball Team Gone Missing

1956Robert Jeangerard, 75-year-old member of the gold medal winning U.S. Olympic basketball team, is missing. Jeangerard suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and his family says that “he has wandered off before, but usually is found quickly. This time, he hasn’t turned up since leaving the house with apparently no money Monday night.”

Holy cripes, Monday night? That’s a long time for an old man with Alzheimer’s to be missing. I hope for his sake, as well as his family’s, that he turns up no worse for wear.

While a joke about an elderly man with Alzheimer’s that has disappeared is never appropriate, something about the story makes me wonder if something else is going on here. Something fishy.

If I were the police, I would check out all of the outdoor basketball courts in the area and look for two elderly men shooting hoops – Jeangerard and this guy. They could very well be out there hustling young punks out of their money. They could make a movie about it: Old Men Can’t Jump – Or Poop.

Yeah, I’m the asshole. Hey, I’m not the one planning on making a basketball movie about a guy with Alzheimer’s gone missing. Focus your hatred where it belongs – on that person, whoever it is.

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