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If Bud Selig Had Been On The Titanic, He Would Have Said, “Let’s Wait It Out”

bud-selig1MLB Commissioner Bud Selig remains optimistic and “encouraged by the attendance so far,” ieven though there has been a 4.5% drop in ticket sales so far this season, maintaining that “[i]t’s early.”

Nobody panic! Let’s remain calm here! Good ol’ Bud has got everything under control. If there’s one person in this crazy, mixed-up world we can always count on, it’s Selig. Seriously, the guy is like a goddamn King Midas when it comes to growing the sport and preserving the integrity of the game.

Unless, you’re talking about All-Star Games, steroids, the World Baseball Classic, the near contraction of Major League franchises, stuff like that. Then all bets are off. But everything else, hoo boy, Bud’s got it covered.

And once money starts raining down from the sky and dogs and cats start shitting diamonds in the Bronx, those premium seats that sit empty in Yankee Stadium will start selling like hotcakes, my friend. Mark his words.

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