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I Was Just Saying This Morning, “I Wonder What Are Jay Feely’s Thoughts Regarding Michael Vick”

jay-feelyApparently, ask and ye shall receive. No sooner did I utter those words earlier and this story came up on my feeds. Wait, let me try something quick:

A la peanut butter sandwiches!


Anyway, journeyman placekicker Jay Feely has written his own Michael Vick manifesto, which was published on Squidoo on May 9th entitled, “The Precarious case of Mike Vick.” It’s quite long (981 words!) and details Feely’s opinion on Vick, a teammate of his when Feely played for the Atlanta Falcons (Feely is presently on the New York Jets roster). By no means is Feely attempting to defend any of Vick’s actions or “anyone who engages in dog fighting and the killing of dogs that don’t perform. Keep in mind that Mike Vick has spent a considerable amount of time in jail and watched his fortune evaporate as a result of his actions.”

Feely also regales us with the tale of how two strangers met as they both entered the NFL as rookies in 2001 (I imagine it to be similar to when Balki first arrived from Mypos and met his cousin Larry on Perfect Strangers – only with less homosexual overtones); and how Vick’s continued association with friends from his childhood “ultimately led to his demise”:

Mike Vick and I were rookies together with the Atlanta Falcons. However we could not have been in more different circumstances. He was the #1 overall pick and I was an afterthought, camp competition who happened to beat out his competition and win the job. I got to watch him grow as a player and struggle as a man from my locker next to his. He was always quiet, kept to himself, and usually spent time outside the facility with his bevy of friends from childhood…”

Feely also does not believe that Vick is the horrible person the media has portrayed him to be:

“As someone who knew Mike personally, I don’t believe he is the animal that many make him out to be. I believe he has good in his heart and that he has learned from his mistakes immeasurably. He was the greatest athlete on a football field that I ever played with. He had immense courage in the way he played. I look forward to helping him transfer those same qualities into his life as a man.”

Reading those kind words from his former teammate must be incredibly reassuring for Vick and make him feel much better about his current lot in life. Remember, a wise man once said, when you have Jay Feely on your side, there ain’t no stopping you now.

And who was that wise man? Me. I just made it up. Not bad, huh?

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