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Good News: William Perry Released From Hospital


William “The Refrigerator” Perry has been released from Aiken Regional Medical Center after being there for a month due to complications from Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

While I greet this news with great relief and happiness for Perry, his family and his loved ones, I’m a bit chagrined at the shoddy treatment the former Chicago Bear received during his discharge from the hospital.

Just look at the above photo. Do the wisenheimers they call a medical staff at Aiken Regional fancy themselves comedians or something? “Oooh, his nickname is ‘The Refrigerator’ so let’s ship him out in a refrigerator box.” The man has been seriously ill, for Pete’s sake!

And did they actually think they were going to be able to fit him through that door? That’s just poor planning right there.

I’m sorry, but what a bunch of first-class jerks. If I weren’t so lazy and selfish, I might have considered writing them a letter about this utter disregard for the dignity of a man who once danced “The Super Bowl Shuffle.” Just shameful.

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