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Arsenal Captain Cleared Of Spitting Charges By Maintaining He Always Swallows

cesc-fabregasZing! Ha ha! I’m so funny! Get it? How could Cesc F├ábregas be guilty of spitting on someone if he is a swallower?

Actually, I made that zinger for all of you Arsenal haters out there. Of course, I would never stoop to making a gay joke about a soccer player – I swear – scout’s honor. Okay, I admit it – I suck. Shower me with your hate.

Oh, you want to know the story? Well, excuse me, Mr. Bossy Guy.

Evidently, the Spanish midfielder got himself in a bit of hot water recently when he was accused of spitting on Brian Horton, an assistant manager for Hull, but the FA cleared him of the charge as well as an additional charge “stemming from events that took place after he went on to the pitch at the end of the game, was also found to be “not proven.”

So, there you have it.

If you are wondering, the answer is “yes” – I have absolutely nothing going here. I just knew today was going to be a grinding, frustrating struggle.

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