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104-Year-Old Man Emulates Tin Man To Maintain Golf Swing

edwin-dibosAnd no, I don’t mean he touches 12-year-old girls from Kansas inappropriately when no one is looking (although that may be the case as well). A transplanted Minnesotan now living in Arizona at an assisted-care living facility, Edwin Dibos has a  few tricks up his sleeve, including a rather unique topical treatment that keep a man his age still out there hitting the links:

When asked about his longevity nearly 16 years ago after making his hole-in-one, Dibos said his secret was a combination of “fast food, Pepto Bismol and WD-40,” which he rubbed into his joints before playing.

WD-40? I suppose when you consider it for a moment, it makes sense. According to Dibos, “It works great, and after a while you don’t even notice the smell.”

I bet the old codger would say the same damn thing about Edna Johnson’s snizz and how he sneaks into her room in the middle of the night to get his rocks off. Dirty, dirty old man. But I suppose when you get to his age, you should have carte blanche to do pretty much whatever the hell you want.

Unfortunately, even for guys like Dibos, who still drove to the course at 101 years of age, who have seemed to find their own personal Fountain of Youth, or at least their own personal Fountain of I Can’t Believe I’m Not Dead Yet, time eventually catches up even to them.

Over the past six months, age has taken a toll on Dibos. His weight has dropped as his appetite has diminished.

Caregivers at Inspiris Hospice say he is happiest when he talks about golf, and a few months ago he asked about returning to the site of his ace.

“There is a putting green at Arizona Grand, but he’s not interested,” hospice volunteer Nicole Phillips said. “He said he wanted to go to a real golf course, and he didn’t know if he would ever be able to do this again. I can’t describe how much this has meant to him.

Man, God bless men like Edwin Dibos. For poor saps like me, already in their 30s (especially here in Internetland, where being over 25 is considered “old”), who may feel like time is slowly beginning to pass us by, reading a story like this can perhaps help us realize that aging doesn’t have to be the total drag we assume it will be.

Oh, and one last kick in the nuts to us weekend golf course warriors: the old coot can still break 40 on 9.

Yeah, that’s just great. Really, really great.

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