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The Morning Bowl (May 21st): “Teflon Don-te'” Stallworth Is What They Will Call Him


• Donte’ Stallworth may beat the manslaughter charge against him due to a technicality. It’s about time he “caught” a break. Get it? Because he’s a wide receiver and they catch things. Nevermind. Click on the link to With Leather to read funny shit.  [Yahoo! Sports via With Leather]

• ESPN anchor Brian Kenny mixes it up with Floyd Mayweather. If you ask me, I think Kenny could flip Mayweather like a cheese omelette. [Awful Announcing]

• Carrie Underwood be lookin’ fine last night at the American Idol finale. Yes, it’s sports-related – she’s dating a hockey player. Stop questioning me. [Epic Carnival]

• Video of the greatest Wheel of Fortune contestant ever. I won’t even try to argue that this is sports-related – but it’s funny, so put that in your pipe and smoke it. [Sharapova’s Thigh]

• Professional bull riders call their groupies “buckle bunnies” and when they bang them, it sounds like “fish slapping on pavement”, at least according to one journalist, who may be a few bottles short of a six-pack. [Deadspin]

• Finally, a report regarding Royals fans mixing it up in the play area at Kaufman Stadium. Won’t anybody think of the children?? [H/T Sports Rubbish]