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Stuff To Tune In To And Zone Out On For May 21st


NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Game 2, Eastern Conference Finals, Carolina Hurricanes at Pittsburgh Penguins. Live from Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, one of comedian Gallagher’s favorite places to perform – outside of. [Versus, 7:30 ET]

NBA Playoffs. Game 2, Western Conference Finals, Denver Nuggets at Los Angeles Lakers. Only two more months and this NBA season is wrapped up! [ESPN, 9:00 ET]

PGA Golf. Replay of the First Round of the Byron Nelson Classic. I’m a huge fan of Classics. I always order mine as a double with cheese with a Frosty on the side. Fuck a Double Stacker. What am I talking about? You don’t know, either? Well, shit.  [GOLF, 8:30 ET]

I’d love to meet the mouthbreathers that watch this crap – no I wouldn’t. It’s the season premiere of So You Think You Can Dance. I would have named it So You Think I Could Give A Flying Fuck. [Fox, 8:00 ET]

Basic Cable Movie of the Night. Total Recall. You got Ah-nahld and some broad with three tits or some shit. But I guess you won’t see the three tits on basic cable. So should you watch it? I don’t know – I’m not the boss of you – do whatever you want. [SciFi Channel, 9:00 ET]