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Lane Kiffin’s Just A Soul Whose Intentions Are Good…

the-animalsOh Lord, please don’t let him be misunderstood.

But unfortunately, that is exactly what has been occurring to Lane Kiffin since he took the reigns of the Tennessee football program in December of 2008.

The list of his mind-numbing transgressions is far too long to get into for a quick post such as this one, but his wacky antics have ranged from calling Florida Head Coach Urban Meyer a cheater to him informing recruit Alshon Jeffrey that if Jeffrey chose to play for the South Carolina Gamecocks, the kid would be pumping gas for the rest of his life. Good news for Kiffin: his boss has got his back.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Tennessee’s Athletic Director Mike Hamilton said that “Kiffin has been “misunderstood” and isn’t nearly as “cavalier” as the media makes him out to be.” And since there’s no such thing as bad publicity, Hamilton supports Kiffin because “[h]e has gotten Tennessee back on the map.”

Misunderstood, huh? Isn’t that how they usually refer to goofballs who climb into bell towers and start picking off people with a rifle? I believe it is – statements like that often come right after the guy’s neighbor says something like, “I never noticed him much. He was a pretty quiet man.”

Nevertheless, no matter what he says, we all know why AD Hamilton keeps putting up with Kiffin’s shit – he’s angling for some of that sweet, sweet Layla Kiffin bootie.

Who’s with me?

(high fives self)

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