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It’s 4:19, You Gotta Minute? (May 21st)


• Get your own Desktop Golf Zen Garden for $14.95. I heard if you order in the next 4 minutes, they will throw in a Shamwow you can use to mop-up the blood spilled after you bang your head against the wall upon the realization that you paid $14.95 for a Desktop Golf Zen Garden. Quantities are limited![Devil Ball Golf]

• Robert Horry can’t find his seven NBA Championship rings. Did he bother to check in Tim Duncan’s butthole? Things are lost up there all the time – so I’ve heard. [Ball Don’t Lie]

• Photos of Kim Kardashian playing beach volleyball. Sadly, the batteries in the digital camera died before she let the football piss all over her. [Total Pro Sports]

• Be sure to buy your Brett Favre Vikings jersey before they sell out. Me? No, I’m good. I still have my authentic Daunte Culpepper and Tarvaris Jackson jerseys sitting in my closet not getting worn (this is actually true – I’m a moron). [FirstCuts]

• Lesley Visser is a fucking hag who doesn’t particularly care for the term “walkoff.” My old Deadspin comrade Rob Iracane from the blog Walkoff Walk offers a rebuttle. [Walkoff Walk]

• Lastly, as Punte expertly put it, we may have finally found Kige Ramsey’s YouTube Sports soulmate. Meet the lovely Nicole Lafosse – she seems nice. [H/T With Leather]