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Wait, What Does UFL Stand For Again?

im-goin-deep-fan-clubNow, if UFL stood for Ultimate Fucking League or Undercover Flickers of Labias, I wouldn’t be surprised, but get this: Rex Grossman will reportedly attend the United Football League’s “Pro Day” in Las Vegas. According to something called UFL Access the quarterback will attend the “Pro Day” in “the coming weeks.”

First question: the UFL has a “Pro Day” scheduled in “the coming weeks”, but has not selected an exact date yet? Second question: what kind of loser fucktard desires “access” to the UFL right now? If I may, here are a couple of posts I suggest for the site: “Huffing Paint, The UFL & You” and “My Wife Just Left Me Because I Obsessively Maintain A Blog About A League That Hasn’t Even Begun Playing Games Yet – What’s Her Deal?”

Back to the issue at hand – the UFL? C’mon, Rex. Seriously? You’re the goddamn Sex Cannon for Christ’s sake! Is this how it all ends for you?

Say it ain’t so, Sexy Rexy. The world needs your cumslinging now more than ever – in a manner of speaking, of course.

P.S. I’m not gay.

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