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Straight Gas, Homey: Randy Moss Making His Way As A NASCAR Owner

Courtesy of Jalopnik

Courtesy of Jalopnik

Randy Moss, who started his own NASCAR team last year, is enjoying his first full season as c0-owner of a Camping World Truck Series two-truck outfit. The team is starting to perform well, winning its first race in April.

“I know there’s been a lot of negative talk about me as a player and me as an owner and coming into NASCAR, and do I know what it takes to be successful in this league,” Moss said. “When I have the help, with the knowledge that these guys have and a lot of the talks and helpful tips that they have given me about being an owner, I think that just makes my job a little easier.”

At the ripe-old age (for an NFL wide receiver) of 32, it’s never too early for Moss to begin contemplating his next career, and growing up in West Virginia exposed him to NASCAR (of course, anything to do with Randy Moss and exposing disgusts Joe Buck – just wanted to mention that).

Moss even hammed it up and enjoyed the limelight last weekend at Lowe’s Motor Speedway, where he “toured the garage, served as a judge for a burnout competition, and was in the pits when Skinner was involved in an airborne, truck-flipping crash.” Skinner who is one-half of Moss’ driving team with Tyler Malsam, walked away from the accident.

It appears Moss understands his role as owner as well: supply the money, promote the team and stay the hell out of the way:

“I don’t really know how you can really compare the two because I play football and they do the driving. So my hats are off to them every week and prayers are with them every week to go out there and stay safe and bring it home. I just try to balance the two and try to fit both of them into my schedule.”

So, best of luck to Randy Moss and all of his future truck-racing endeavors. But I’m left with one question: whatever happened to his fruit juice business? Ah, he probably quit on that too.

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