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Mike Lupica Thinks Knicks Fans Are Better Than Other Fans

mike_lupicaOh, pity the poor, poor New York Knicks fans. Most people aren’t aware of this, but the Knicks have gone through a pretty rough patch lately, and the Knicks fans have had to suffer through eight losing seasons in a row. And Mike Lupica, King Douchebag himself, doesn’t think it’s fair. Take it a way, Mike.

You are owed nothing if you are a Knicks fan and have stayed with them through the worst and most embarrassing era in the history of the franchise, what will be remembered as the James Dolan-Isiah Thomas era even if only one of them is still around.

But even owed nothing, Knicks fans deserve better than this.

Uh, Mike, fill me in – why is that? Is it because you believe that fans of  New York sports franchises – whether it be the Yankees, Giants, whatever – feel that because they happen to live in New York, championships are practically owed to them as if it were their birthright?

Tell me, why are Knicks fans any different from, say, the fans of the Toronto Raptors, who have had to endure nine losing seasons of the fourteen the franchise has been in existence?

I see. It’s not just the losing seasons, it’s because of having to suffer through the gaffes by  inept management, right? Then why are Knicks fans more deserving than fans of my hometown team, the Minnesota Timberwolves, who have had been held hostage by one of the most backwards, ineffectual front offices in the history of professional sports? From losing draft picks for trying to sign Joe Smith (Joe Smith!) to a secret deal to the moronic trades and bungled drafts, Kevin McHale’s tenure has been one long, sustained kick in the nuts to Timberwolves fans.

But Knicks fans are different – they’re special – why? Because Mike Lupica says so, and what he says is fact – automatically. Don’t even bother to argue. Why? Because Lupica even has examples of – get this – there are young fans of the Knicks that don’t deserve this – and – AND – old fans of the Knicks that are suffering right along with them!

Here is an e-mail that a young Knicks fan I know sent to an older fan Tuesday afternoon. The young guy’s biggest night at the place was Larry Johnson’s 4-pointer. The older fan goes all the way back to Reed and Clyde and DeBusschere. Both hang with their team.

Young and old fans that hang with their team? Jesus Christ! This Knicks fanbase truly is something special!

We all know what’s really going on here. Forget about what I said above about people from New York believing that championships are their birthright. Mike Lupica could give two shits about any Knicks fan – he wouldn’t piss on Knicks fan if they were on fire. Lupica believes he deserves better than this – not anyone else. The injustice that he has had to go through by being forced to cover a bad team is more than his fragile ego can handle.

I could go on, but I won’t. I think I have wasted enough time thinking about anything written by this smug, self-serving, sanctimonious prick.

Go die in a fire, Mike Lupica. No one cares what you think.

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