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Hookers In Vancouver Will Be Offered Tips And Tricks On How To Deal With The Media Leading Up To Olympics

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As Max Weinberg once said, “Hey, when you’re out having fun, remember: Hookers are people, too. Say ‘thank you’ when you’re done.” Well, an organization in Vancouver will be taking that advice to heart, because in anticipation of the 2010 Winter Olympics, workers in the sex trade in Vancouver will be offered “media training” so they are aware of their rights when dealing with photographers and journalists who want perhaps a bit more than an “around the world” or a “half and half.”

Something called the “Prostitution Alternatives Counselling and Education Society” (PACE) will offer a training session in November.

“We just want (the sex trade workers) to be aware of what their rights are around media, including the fact that it is legal for (media) to take a picture of them on a public street,” Porth said.

“And if they do consent to an interview, they can get the questions ahead of time. Things like that.”

It seems to me all hookers are aware of the fact that you always ask for what you need “up front.” Unless they want a beatdown from their pimp, that is.

While prostitution is technically legal in Canada, many of the activities associated with the act are illegal, “making it difficult to engage in prostitution without breaking any law.” (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

Well, don’t worry whores, PACE has got your back. There won’t be any degrading behavior tolerated, says Sue Davis, the Clara Barton of sex workers in Vancouver:

“And people asking them things like `Do you feel safe? Did your friends die? Are you on drugs?’ And then `Thanks for the story, see you later.”’

No one deserves that kind of humiliation, Davis added.

Indeed, no one, especially hookers, should be subjected to that level of humiliation – although getting paid $20 to give some disgusting guy a handy in a parked car and then getting spit on and beat by your pimp is perfectly acceptable – it’s the nature of the business, some would say – well, that, cold sores and frequent bouts of infected vaginal discharge. But uncomfortable lines of questioning? No ma’am, not gonna happen – not as long as Sue Davis is still not dead from an overdose or an unfortunate “accident” where she falls down a flight of stairs. That seems to be a frequent work-related injury for those who dabble in the sex trade. Maybe OSHA or whatever organization is the Canadian equivalent should look into that next. That would be nice.

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