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OMG!!! Breaking News From Pro Football Talk! Some Twitter Accounts Aren’t Real!!!111!!1!

nbc_the_more_you_knowEarlier this morning, Pro Football Talk used its powers for good and delivered a very important public service message:  beware what you read on someone’s Twitter feed – it might not be coming from the the person you think.

Well, punch me in the face and call me Sally! Thank goodness Pro Football Talk is around to warn us of this menace otherwise I would have continued to believe everything I read on the internet, in particular items found on Twitter, where everything is real and there are many things to get hung about.

Last night, we posted an item regarding comments contained in what appears to be DeMarcus Ware’s Twitter feed.  In a comment on his Twitter page, Ware suggested that a new deal with the Cowboys is close.

As it turns out, the account is fake.

We weren’t the only ones duped by the faux DeMarcus; the Dallas Morning News had a similar item based on the tweetings of the supposed Cowboys’ linebacker.

Wait a second. Even a well-respected newspaper can get duped into believing these shenanigans? This situation is far more dire than I suspected.

Thank you, Pro Football Talk. Without you, I don’t know how I would make my way through the topsy-turvy world of the internets – or where I could find the very best unsubstantiated hearsay and speculation regarding the National Football League.

Beware Phony Twitter Accounts [Pro Football Talk]