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Oh, Saturday Night Live, Who Won’t You Ridicule?

It’s Monday morning, so why don’t we ease into the week like an old man into a nice warm bath with a video. Why? Because it’s marginally funny, only been on about a million sites already and it means I don’t have to type as many words – typing words is hard.

Anyway, Will Ferrell hosted Saturday Night Live on…um,  Saturday Night, but that’s not what’s important right now. I missed it but they did a skit where they poked fun at TNT’s coverage of the NBA Playoffs. Of course, hilarity ensued.

I’ve heard from people that SNL is getting better again, but is it back to where it was when Robert Downey, Jr. and Anthony Michael Hall were cast members? I doubt it. For those of you who weren’t aware that
Downey and Hall were once on the show, you missed something special. Putting those two together in a skit was like catching lightning in a bottle – and then pouring that lightning over ice with a lime garnish, clumsily spilling that lightning drink on some lady sitting at the bar who proceeds to spray you with mace while repeatedly kicking in you in the balls.

But limes are good.