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Stuff To Tune In To And Zone Out On For May 15th


• Holy crap there is absolutely nothing sports-related on national television tonight, except the NCAA Softball Tournament – Arizona State vs. San Diego State. There has to be a good-looking girl or two on these squads, wouldn’t you think? [ESPN, 8:00 ET]

So instead of wasting the night away in front of the television, we should all take the opportunity to enjoy the brief respite we have been afforded from the grind of the Stanley Cup and NBA Playoffs and go outside for a bit and enjoy the fine spring weather. Myself, I’m leaving work early (future posting rules!) and heading out of town to do some fishing – crappies and walleyes to be exact – which is what Minnesotans do when we are not shoveling snow, wrestling polar bears and thinking how awesome it must be not to live in flyover country. We’re so jealous.

With that, we conclude another broadcasting week at Sportress of Blogitude. I took my first day off (woo-hoo!), but I still believe we managed to have some fun anyway. I hope you agree.

Thanks to everyone who visited and please keep coming back. And a huge thank you to those fine sites who linked to some of my posts this week – you know who you are.

Have a great weekend, kiddos.