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Fans Of Retired Female Golfers Rejoice! Annika Sorenstam Is Knocked Up!

annika-sorenstamAnnika Sorenstam, who retired from professional golf five months ago after winning 90 tournaments, including 10 majors, announced that she is pregnant and she and her husband Mike McGee are expecting a baby girl.

“To use golf terms, we just ‘made the turn’ from a timing standpoint and are very excited that everything looks good so far.”

Ha! “Made the turn.” You’re a funny one, Annika. And sexy – so very, very sexy.

Congratulations to the supremely-talented player, her husband and the applicator that looked like Jodie Foster’s knuckles that was used to assist in conception. The last one was probably the most important.

First time mother Sorenstam expecting baby girl [Reuters]

* Sorry about the nightmare fuel that is that photo – I couldn’t help myself