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What We Have Here Is A Good Old-Fashioned Throwdown

And no, I’m not referring to that Bobby Flay show on Food Network. I’m talking about some fisticuffs on the ice after the horn sounded in Anaheim’s 2-1 victory over Detroit last night.

If the NHL even dreams of dishing out suspensions for the not-very-brutal-but-highly-entertaining fracas, they are complete morons. As the Great Hockey Sage Greg Wyshinski put it over on Puck Daddy, “the NHL’s disciplinary system would become a parody of the joke it is if any of these players are suspended for Game 7.”

True that.

One thing that will most assuredly result from this brawl: the fans in Detroit will be whipped up into a frenzy and screaming for blood long before the puck is even droppedĀ  to start Game 7 in Detroit on Thursday and that will only further motivate the Red Wings to respond – perhaps not with fisticuffs, but with their incredibly efficient “play as a team, win as a team” mentality. In any event, expect this game to get off to a rousing start, one way or the other.

Note: For more insight and top-notch analysis of the Stanley Cup Playoffs than you can shake a stick at, bookmark Puck Daddy and check it constantly – Wysh is the best in the business, as far as I’m concerned.

Video: Niedermayer/Datsyuk main event in Ducks/Wings brawl [Puck Daddy]