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Wait A Second – Donating To A “Birthing Center” Is Deserving Of Accolades?

eli-and-abbyOh sure, when Eli Manning makes a donation to a “birthing center”, which I assume is just a fancy name that rich folks use for a woman’s baby maker, everyone makes a huge great big deal about it – when some regular Joe Schmo off the street does it, all it means is a few weeks of stress waiting to see if you’re going to be on the hook for 18 years of child support payments. It hardly seems fair.

Apparently, because I wasn’t really paying attention to what I was reading, Eli and Abby Manning, who look positively styling in the photo to the left, made a donation to a birthing center at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan.

Oh, I see. I was way off base on this one. My utmost apologies. Evidently, “birthing center” is just another name for maternity ward, just a new age, hippie one.

The Giants quarterback and his wife, Abby, will announce plans today for a facility bearing their name – a state-of-the-art center focusing on natural childbirth and holistic care.

The Mannings, who presently have no children of their own, simply want to share in the experience of others for the time being:

“For Abby and I, it’s about being part of that, to make sure all the parents have a comfortable experience.”

I see how it is. The Mannings don’t want babies right now – wink wink – the next thing you know, instead of having children of their own, they will adopt, claiming that there are so many children in need right now, they didn’t think it’s right to bring another one into the world.

In other words, Eli might be what you call a bit of a fancy boy.

Sure, he can try all he wants, but he’s going to have to work a lot harder if he truly desires to be the next Matthew Broderick of New York City. You don’t become “the guy with the most obvious beard for a wife” easily. It takes years of painstaking work to reach that level of deception. He at least has to do a couple Broadway shows with Nathan Lane – I believe that’s in the rulebook.

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