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The Brilliance Is In Its Simplicity: The New Cowboys Stadium Will Be Called…Cowboys Stadium


Photo courtesy of David Kozlowski, Freelance Photographer, Dallas Photoworks.

And to think, they had their best people working on it. From Cowboys owner/meglomaniac/Pizza Hut pitchman Jerry Jones, speaking at a golf tournament:

“Texas Stadium, we certainly have a deep embedded vision of what it is and at some point we will say was. But we’d like to keep it at that. It’s certainly fitting when looking at the tradition of the Cowboys for it to be Cowboys Stadium. It sounds obvious and simplistic but it’s right.”

Obvious and simplistic, huh? Just like their franchise quarterback. Booyah!

Sure, it’s a nice name and straight to the point, but I wonder why the Cowboys organization didn’t heed my advice and go with my radical, thinking-outside-the-box idea.

(checks page views on post)

Huh. I guess odds are a member of the Cowboys wasn’t one of the dozens of people who read that post.

Maybe next time.

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