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I Guess Citizens Bank Park Isn’t The Place To Be Seen Anymore


Do you know how they say when D-Listers start showing up at a particular nightclub, the Hollywood elite know it’s time to move on to another hotspot? Well, Citizens Bank Park may have received the dreaded death blow of irrelevancy – if it ever was in fact considered relevant – among the hipster crowd of movers and shakers, because look who showed up at the Phillies game last night – Jamie Kennedy and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Now, I’m not implying that Jamie Kennedy and J-Love (we’re cool like that) are D-Listers – yet – but when you are in your thirties working in Hollywood and are on a show (Ghost Whisperer) that airs on Friday nights on CBS and the primary viewers of the program you are on are either shut-ins or senior citizens who leave the television on because it gives them the reassuring sense that they are not dying alone (which they are – stop lying to them in your monthly phone calls), things are definitely not looking up in your career.

But hey, they’re in love, right?

(looks at photo again)

Man, Jamie doesn’t look too happy there. Buck up, guy – it could be worse – you could be Tony Romo. Remember, there is always someone in worse shape than you are – unless you’re Tony Romo, that is.

Nevertheless, Jennifer Love Hewitt is still incredibly attractive – just not very talented – but I’m sure most of us would be willing to overlook her shortcomings, amirite? Hoo-ahh! Hoo-ahh! Hoo-ahh!

One more: hoo-ahh!

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