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Tony Romo Sucks At Life

romoOkay, perhaps that is a bit too harsh, but I have been known to utter the same thing after snap-hooking a nine iron into the drink.

Yes, I say, “Tony Romo sucks at life” when I hit a bad golf shot. Who doesn’t?

Where was I? Oh yeah. Tony Romo, the Gunslinger-in-Waiting, failed to qualify for the U.S. Open by shooting an 80 at Dallas National Golf Club.

An 80 on a course set up for U.S. Open qualifying is certainly nothing to sneeze at, but he must still be disappointed at the outcome. Thankfully, he still has that absolutely gorgeous gir–

…a team that are Super Bowl fav–

…well, at least he has his health. Which is nice for him.

Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo fails to qualify for U.S. Open [The Dallas Morning News]