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The Ageless One: Mike Modano Returning For A 20th Season

NS_19ModanoCupHoistSee, Brett Favre? This is how you go about doing it.

After spending a month contemplating retirement, Mike Modano has decided he will lace up the skates for one more season with the Dallas Stars.

Modano, the all-time points leader by a U.S. born player (1,183), has spent his entire career with the Stars organization, including his first four seasons in the NHL when they were the Minnesota North Stars – ugh – and in 1,179 games played, he has 485 goals and 698 assists.

You know, I can see why he has put-off retiring. As we have learned all too well lately, it is incredibly hard for an athlete to walk away from the sport they have dedicated their lives to, especially when they still believe they have something left in the tank.

Plus, the lure of the rink must be pretty strong when you consider that if he retired, imagine that he would have to spend every waking moment with his battle axe of a wife:


He definitely made a good call on this one. Sheesh. I guess we just have to realize that not everyone can be as lucky as Dirk Nowitzki, another professional athlete playing in Dallas.


Now that’s the kind of lady you hold on to and never let go. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Dirk retired after this season. Simply breathtaking.

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