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Cal Ripken Placed A Bet On Long Shot Mine That Bird At Kentucky Derby

cal-ripken-jr-kelly-ripkenCal and Kelly Ripken try to attend the Kentucky Derby every year with friends and this year was no different. What was different, however, was there was something about one horse inparticular that prompted the Ripkens to place a wager on a 50-1 long shot. Of course, of course, the horse was a horse, of course, of course, the name of the horse, of course is the now-famous Mine That Bird.

But why that horse?

The horse is called Mine That Bird, which appealed to the man who played for the Orioles all those years, and it was going to be ridden by Calvin Borel, who shares a first name with the Orioles Hall of Famer. The fact that the horse was coming out of the No. 8 slot clinched it. How could Cal and Kelly and all their friends not bet on Mine That Bird?

No word on how much was wagered or how much the Ripkens won but it probably was a pretty penny given the 50-1 odds.

Obviously, the Ripkens placing a wager on Mine That Bird made perfect sense considering the above excerpt, but I’m still left wondering what the Ripkens would have done if a horse named “Kevin Costner Banged My Wife” was in the race.  There would have definitely been some awkward moments, to say the least.

You know, I should start a business where people pay me to name their horses. I’m creative and I bet there is some good money to be made in that field. Plus all the oats you can eat. Cool.

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