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(Yawn) More Brett Favre News That Really Isn’t News At All

favre_wranglerVikings team president and co-owner Mark Wilf engaged in the same sort of doublespeak earlier today at a luncheon on the campus of Southwest Minnesota State that we all should have become accustomed to by now during the Brett Favre Comeback Tour, Part II: Electric Boogaloo.

From Access Vikings:

“The reality is we understand everyone’s curiosity about it,” Wilf said. “This is something that every day we are working on making our team better and we are going to evaluate every player that comes through the door and that would include Brett Favre as well. … That process continues every day and a player like Brett would be included in that evaluation. Just like any other player. He’s a Hall of Fame quarterback and great competitor and ultimately you have to ask Brett Favre what his plans are. Sure there is interest in Brett Favre but that’s part of the process in general.”

Well, that’s certainly informative.  Thanks, Mark Wilf.

Vikings linebackers Ben Leber and Chad Greenway also attended the luncheon. Is there any chance we might get some insight into what’s going on from either of these two?

Chad Greenway:

“There is so much going on with this in the media and it is what it is. From what we know it could be a blown up story that we don’t know anything about that may have no legs at all. What we’re going to do is stick with what we got. We havve two great quarterbacks in there with JDB [John David Booty] learning. So we have Sage [Rosenfels] and Tarvaris [Jackson] who are in there as great quarterbacks, great experienced quarterbacks who we are going to be behind. It is what it is. Unless something happens or changes there is really no speculation about it. We should move on and go on with Sage and Tarvaris like we have been.”

Well played. Because, you know, you don’t want the quarterbacks who ARE ACTUALLY ON THE ROSTER to feel alienated and unwanted.

How about Ben Leber? Will his answer be as polished?

Q. Do you follow this stuff closely?

A. “If it was just strictly football stuff I think it would be easy to follow. But now you’re talking injuries, you’re talking flights out of Mississippi. Now, it’s becoming like, it’s such a big thing that it’s kind of hard to follow. Yahoo! Sports and you don’t know who to believe. So I just kind of stick to the meat of the story and that’s it.”

Now that’s a nice answer – it perfectly encompasses what everyone outside of the Vikings organization thinks. Thanks, Ben.

Note: all three interviews can be read in their entirety at Access Vikings, the Star Tribune’s Vikings blog.

Mark Wilf: Sure there is interest in Favre [Access Vikings]