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Tennis Pro Richard Gasquet Is A Big Fan Of The White Lines, Both On And Off The Court


Frenchman Richard Gasquet is looking down the snoot tube at a 2-year ban for testing positive for cocaine in a drug test administered at the Miami Masters in March.

Gasquet, however, proclaims he’s not guilty.

“I want to prove my innocence and will explain myself at an appropriate time…the test of the B sample submitted at the end of March 2009, confirmed the positive result of the A sample taken on the same day. Given the complexity of the case, I am gathering the evidence of my innocence and will later set a date to make further comments.”

The suspension couldn’t have come at a worse time for Gasquet, who is currently seventh in the world rankings.

Nevertheless, according to ITF spokesman Neil Robinson, the suspension will be upheld until a hearing before an anti-doping tribunal takes place, which should be some time within the next 60 days.

I guess from this point forward I will refer to Gasquet’s serve as the “Feelgood Hit of the Summer.”

Either way, it sucks to be Richard Gasquet right now, but things can and will get better, I’m sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if we found out more professional tennis players dabbled in blow from time to time. Except Andre Agassi, of course – once he hooked up with Steffi Graf, any chance of maintaining a coke habit went out the window. Seriously, can you imagine if he had to share his stash with someone with a schnozz like this? It would be like going in on an 8 ball with Karl Malden*.

* gratuitous Family Guy reference

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