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Bert Blyleven’s Got Worms


In honor of Minnesota’s fishing opener, Bert Blyleven made good on his promise and ate two nightcrawlers during Saturday night’s broadcast of the Mariners/Twins game on Fox Sports North.

His act of intestinal fortitude raised $15,000 for Parkinson’s Association of Minnesota.

Unfortunately, I’m not technologically savvy enough to figure out a way to embed the video here on S.O.B., but you can see it the video in its entirety on Fox Sports North’s Facebook page here as well as a photo gallery here.

So three cheers for Bert for doing something disgusting for charity. By the way, since Bert is having so much difficulty getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame, by chance is there some sort of Hall of Fame for disgusting acts? If there isn’t, I suggest someone creates one and names it after Joe Buck.

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