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The Russian Mafia Is On Its Way To Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

oviePolice have traced the death threat made against Alexander Ovechkin on a message board to some 17-year old kid from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

The obviously in-way-over-his-head teenager posted this message:

“I’m going to kill Ovechkin. I don’t care if I go to jail.”

Not the best choice, certainly. But no fear, the police have spoken with the boy and confiscated his computer.

State police investigators will be downloading the hard drive on that computer and are in contact with the district attorney to determine what charges will be filed.

I understand the authorities have to take this sort of stuff seriously, but I think – no – I hope – the kid was simply spouting off and had no real intent of acting on his threat.

But who knows anymore  in this crazy world?

One thing I do know: for some reason, something about the “I don’t care” line in his statement reminds me of Jesus Quintana when he goes off about changing the day of the league playoff and it sadly makes me chuckle a bit.

“Wooo! You got a date Wednesday, baby!”

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