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Since We Haven’t Covered This Story Enough This Week, Might As Well End With It

shoulder-778178According to Access Vikings, ESPN is now reporting that Brett Favre has sent x-rays of his right shoulder to the Minnesota Vikings for inspection.

As psychopathic motivational speaker Susan Powter once screamed at a frightened nation through the television, “Stop the insanity!”

And with that, we wrap up another week here on S.O.B. Thanks to everyone that checked out the blog. Y’all keep coming back now, y’hear?

Also, many, many regards to the fine sites that took the time to link to some of my posts this week and were kind enough not to send back a “Stop sending us links, cocksucker!” e-mail. Those fine folks include: With Leather, Busted Coverage, The Big Lead, Shutdown Corner, Devil Ball Golf and Rumors & Rants. Be sure to check out these fine sites, people. They’re the tops.

Take care of yourselves this weekend. And Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms out there and for those of you that are fortunate enough to have your mothers still around (myself included), be sure to let them know it’s not their fault how fucked up you are.