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Hey, It’s Only $760K In Back Child Support – What’s The Big Deal?

Neel Child SupportTroy Lee Neel, a former first basemen and designated hitter for the Oakland Athletics from 1992-1994, has a new claim to fame: the State of Texas’ worst “Deadbeat Dad.”

Troy Lee Neel, accused of owing more than $760,000 in child support, entered the plea to traveling abroad to avoid paying child support. U.S. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez set sentencing for June 18. Neel, who disputes the total owed, faces up to two years in federal prison.

$760,000? How in the hell do you end up owing that much money for child support?

Neel owes more than $763,000, dating to November 1998, for support of his two children, according to Abbott. That year, Neel was ordered to pay $5,000 a month in support, a number based on his earnings as a professional athlete.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Bud Paulissen, who is prosecuting Neel, said the principal amount of the debt is more than $300,000; the rest is interest accrued over a decade.

That’s a crazy amount of interest, man. He might as well have named his kids “Visa” and “Master Card” considering the interest he owes.

Apparently, Neel was living high on the hog in some place called Vanuatu, an island betwen Fiji and Australia.  While living there, he purchased Erakor Island Resort, where he was reportedly “a popular figure”, according to the Vanuatu Daily Post newspaper – I’m sure he regaled the residents with astounding tales of how he cheated his ex-wife and kids out of the money they rightly deserved from him. People living in the Southern Hemisphere are suckers for stories about shithead asshole parents, so I’ve heard – I believe it might have something to do with their toilets flushing in the opposite direction or something.

But hey, I’m no behavioral ecologist, if there is such a thing. If not, count me as the first one. Nobel Prize, here I come!

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