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The Mad Genius That Is Brad Childress Has The Media Right Where He Wants Them


National sports media, you silly fools. Do you not understand you are dealing with the most brilliant football mind and diabolical manipulator of the media the National Football League has ever seen? Of course, news that Vikings head coach Brad Childress is still in Minnesota and showed up this morning at Winter Park, the Minnesota Vikings main facility, and is not down in Mississippi meeting with Favre is exactly what he wants you to believe. You have been bested again, lazy media!

What the media is failing to realize is there is a Doppelgänger in our midst. The person that walked into Winter Park this morning was not Brad Childress but an impostor.

Are you ready for the truth, people? Do you think you can handle it?

Here is the person who was seen at Winter Park this morning:


That’s right – it’s none other than Gerald McRaney, actor extraordinaire, perhaps best known for his roles on Major Dad and Simon & Simon.

Obviously, Mr. McRaney is not very busy right now with his acting career kind of drying up right now and any reason for him to be out of the house and away from Delta Burke, his “cunt of a wife” as he puts it, is good enough for him.

You always have to be thinking outside the box when dealing with Childress’ Professor Moriarty-like wit.

This is the last time I’m going to warn you.

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