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Farewell, Holly McPeak, We Hardly Knew Ye


No, seriously, I have no idea who she is – but as McPeak retires immediately from the AVP tour, we remember that her, um, contributions to the sport of professional beach volleyball will always be appreciated (on Google Image Searches, at the very least).

McPeak played beach volleyball in the 1996, 2000 and 2004 Olympics. She and partner Elaine Young won a bronze medal in Athens, the first Olympic medal for U.S. women in the sport.

Her record of 72 career wins was later broken by Misty May-Treanor. McPeak became the first female pro beach volleyball player to surpass $1 million in earnings in 2002.

So as McPeak rides off into the sunset after a brilliant career, do not be afraid to rub one out in her honor. You know you were planning to anyway. Well, to be fair, it was either her or Dirk Nowitzki’s fiancĂ©e. Man, you have some serious problems, dude.

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