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Stuff To Tune Into And Zone Out On For May 6th


NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Washington Capitals at Pittsburgh Penguins (Game 3). I don’t know how they can improve on Game 2, but I’m going to watch just in case. [Versus, 7:00 ET]

NBA Playoffs. Orlando Magic at Boston Celtics (Game 3) – seeing the Celtics drop the first 2 games at home would certainly be interesting (8:00 ET); same goes for the Lakers as they host the Houston Rockets (10:30 ET). Oh, sweet tears from fans of storied franchises – you are so tasty. [TNT]

MLB Baseball. Philadelphia Phillies at New York Mets – but wait, neither of these teams are the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox! What gives? [ESPN, 7:00 ET]

Ah man, it’s the last episode? I was just going to start watching it! People who act like they like shows when in fact they probably don’t and just say they do to be different are bound to be sad tonight as Scrubs wraps-up its run. Not interested. [ABC, 8:00 ET]

Speaking of not being interested. American Idol. God, is it almost over yet? Jesus. But hey, at least there is a new Lie To Me preceding it at 8:00 ET. Watch it, dammit! [FOX, 9:00 ET]